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Unparalleled Security Consulting enabling you to proactively identify and reduce risk.

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Rozin Security offers security consulting services to help you design a comprehensive and proactive security plan to meet the needs of your organization today, and over time.

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Security Risk Assessments

Do you know your security risks? Are your investments in the security of your organization adequate? Our quantitative and qualitative assessments will help you

  • Protect your most critical assets
  • Identify security gaps
  • Reduce risk
  • Invest intelligently
  • Develop effective security strategy

Design & Implementation

We develop schematic and detailed design parameters for physical and technological protective systems to support procurement and installations. The schematic design provides an easy-to-understand narrative of the system requirements. The detailed design ensures you get the solution that matches your exact needs.

Procurement Assistance

Our team will help you define your security service and physical needs, prepare your RFPs, identify the most suitable solutions, evaluate proposals and select your vendors.

Technology Positioning

Our holistic approach to security will help you identify not only the right technology for your security needs, but more importantly how this technology should be integrated to best serve your organization’s overall comprehensive security program.

Operational Protocols

Security Operational Protocol is the backbone of a solid security program that ties physical, technological and human security resources, and ensures effective and efficient execution of the organization’s security plan. Based on a thorough assessment, our experts will craft a clear and detailed security protocol that will support your security operational needs.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparation is a critical foundation of any effective security program, and a necessary cost of doing business not only for protecting people and assets but also for establishing an organization’s competence and reputation.

Rozin Security offers a suite of emergency management services and products to help our clients build a complete, hazards-focused emergency preparedness program that embraces both predictable and unexpected situations. Our services enable our clients to meet federal and state requirements for emergency preparedness compliances.

Our services are in complete alignment with federal standards and exemplify the most top-notch practices in the industry. Rozin Security is committed to maintaining and enhancing our industry leadership so that we can build your emergency preparedness program to meet and exceed all of your requirements and conditions.

Rozin Security’s Capabilities Assessment will help you determine your organization’s state of preparedness and allows our clients to identify preparedness gaps as a first step in the emergency planning process. Rozin Security has conducted numerous capability assessments for various businesses and all levels of government.

Rozin Security subject matter experts on the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) program will fully research and input your THIRA program into the Unified Reporting Tool for guaranteed validation during the FEMA State, Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) or sub-state submission processes. Our emergency preparedness team has developed THIRAs and the Preparedness Report at the State, UASI, County, City, and facility levels. We have successfully assisted our partners in securing funding during the annual grant funding cycle.

Rozin Security subject matter experts are ready to develop your new state-of-the-art Emergency Management, Operations and Response plans and/or update your existing ones. Effective and compliant emergency operations planning involves organizing and equipping, training, exercising, and continuously evaluating and improving. Rozin Security has designed and maintained emergency plans for organizations in the following sectors:

  • Chemical
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Small Businesses
  • Places of Worship
  • Government (All levels)
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Fortune 500 Corporations

In compliance with the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP), Presidential Policy Directive and Executive Order 13636, “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,” Rozin Security will build you a critical infrastructure program that prioritizes Lifeline Sector assets by following the NIPP’s Risk Management Framework. Along with your community’s lifeline sector assets, we are able to provide you with a map of the dependencies and interdependencies of critical infrastructure assets and systems.

Red Teams

Rozin Security offers next level premium red team assessment services. We leverage years of experience of our red team operators gained in the intelligence agencies, military special operations units, and undercover law enforcement operations to provide your organization with a quality assessment performed accurately from the adversary’s stand point leveraging relevant threat actors’ objectives and operational capability. We simulate relevant threat actors ranging from corporate espionage to low level criminals, from terrorist and hacktivists to foreign government.

We find vulnerabilities in operations, physical, and technological domains of your operations and exploit them. The outcome is a proactive change of security operations and prevention of catastrophic incidents.

Our specific suite of services is:

  • Comprehensive Red Team Assessment
  • Physical Security Penetration Test
  • Wireless Penetration Test
  • Social Engineering Penetration Test
  • Compliance Testing

Rozin Security Red Team Assessment services will give you an invaluable insight into the true security posture of your organization and provide a detailed roadmap with prioritized steps to prevent impactful security incidents.

Threat Management

Prevention of violence is our number one priority.

Rozin Security provides effective solutions for organizations faced with challenging security situations. Rozin Security’s unparalleled experience and developed capabilities in assessing, managing, and mitigating potential threats will provide a high-value to your organization during challenging times.

Our Threat Management suite of services allows your business to continue to operate with a piece of mind, knowing we will manage and resolve your challenging security situation.

Our services include:

Workplace violence prevention.

Violence threat assessment.

Threat actor monitoring.

Crisis management.

Protective and creative intelligence operations.

Internal and external threat actor investigations.

Physical and electronic surveillance.

Threat mitigation consulting.

Rozin Security leverages its global network of protective and investigative assets and good working relationships with local, state, and federal authorities. Our investigators and field operators are equipped with extensive experience in surveillance, undercover operations, and protection, and can identify, assess, track, and monitor potential threats. They come from the US and Israeli intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and U.S. Special Naval Warfare and Army Special Operations units.


We provide proactive security solutions by leveraging a unique, advanced approach for designing integrated security solutions that balance human factors, physical protection systems, and state-of-the-art technology.

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Proactive security solutions leveraging a unique, advanced approach for designing integrated security solutions that balance human factors, physical protection systems, and state-of-the-art technology.

Suspicion Indicators Recognition and Assessment

SIRA® is a proven, proactive threat detection, assessment, and interception security system developed by Rozin Security. The SIRA system is grounded in behavior-based threat detection and interviewing methods that have been validated by extensive field experience and testing in elite government security agencies.

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Rozin Security’s proprietary software system provides organizations with the intelligent tool and capability necessary to proactively detect and prevent evolving threats.

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