A well-executed red team assessment provides a holistic view of organization’s security posture in order to improve its ability to deter, detect, prevent and respond to a relevant attack targeting their organization’s most critical assets.

Rozin Security invites you to join a one-of-its-kind functional advanced Red Team Academy. The Red Team Academy is a perfect fit for organizations interested in enhancing their red teaming and overall security skills.

Rozin Security’s Red Team Academy is an invaluable course for any security professional and law enforcement professional tasked with protecting valuable assets and conducting red teams. It is taught by industry experts and based on practical, hands-on learning. The advanced Red Team Academy develops security professional’s ability to simulate aggressor’s thinking and proactively identify security vulnerabilities.

Academy Overview

The advanced 10-Day Red Team Academy covers all theoretical and practical methods for conducting quality Red Teams such as Physical Security, Technical and Social Engineering methods. The Academy covers full-training exercises (FTX) with students conducting real red team assessments of challenging and fully operational protected environments such as offices/buildings/organizations (completely authorized and controlled by Rozin Security).


  • Learn to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in physical, technological and human domains of any security operation
  • Enhance basic critical red teaming skills
  • Learn advanced technical, strategic and impact producing red teaming skills
  • Practice conducting real red teams of challenging protected environments under the guidance of experienced instructors
  • Benchmark red team methods and best practices across the industry

Covered Disciplines

  • Social Engineering
  • Red Team Planning
  • Red Team Surveillance
  • Open-Source Intelligence
  • Vishing, Smishing, Phishing
  • Common Security Vulnerabilities
  • Threat Detection Systems & Breaching Techniques
  • Doors, Locks, Perimeters and Breaching Techniques
  • Access Control, Surveillance Systems & Breaching Techniques
  •  Reporting, and Impactful Presentation


  • Head Instructor: Michael Rozin, President Rozin Security
  • Rob Rawson, Head of Red Teaming and Threat Mitigation, Rozin Security
  • Former CIA Case Officer, Directorate of Operations
  • Former US Army Special Operations Command Operator
  • Intelligence Analysts, Rozin Security

Course Location

331 2nd Avenue South, Suite 500H, Minneapolis, MN 55401