One-Day Awareness Course

The growing threat of mass violence and the challenges security professionals in identifying and stopping potential perpetrators.

A proactive, integrative, and preventative security system will allow institutions to proactively combat this threat. Rozin Security One-Day SIRA® (Suspicion Indicators Recognition & Assessment) awareness course is designed to increase awareness of pre-incident threat indicators for security, and non-security personnel of any organization. This Behavior Threat Detection course is a highly effective awareness training for all security professionals.

Participants in this course will learn how to identify and prevent potential high-risk perpetrators of planned acts of mass violence in the complex operational environments that are open to the public.

Key Benefits

• Learn to identify potential perpetrators at open environments
• Learn to conduct real-time field threat assessments
• Understand proven threat mitigation protocols
• Participate in advanced interactive threat recognition workshops

Who Should Attend

Public safety officers, security officers, undercover security officers, security managers and other protective units deployed to protect open to the public environments.

Course Training Modules

• Aggressors’ Methods Of Operation
• Field Threat Detection
• Suspicion Indicators Recognition
• Behavior Analysis
• Case Studies and Analysis
• Field Threat Assessment
• Threat Assessment and Mitigation Protocols