Law Enforcement Threat Detection & Mitigation Course

Suspicion Indicators Recognition & Assessment (SIRA) is a proactive homeland security system designed to detect, assess and intercept man-made threats. The system is founded on proven methodologies of field behavior threat detection and security interviewing. Participants from law enforcement agencies will learn how to utilize the SIRA system to identify and interdict potential high-risk perpetrators of terrorist attacks and other planned acts of violence in complex operational environments.

Who Should Attend

Law enforcement, special operations, explosives ordinance disposal teams, S.W.A.T. team operators and undercover operators deployed to protect public events, areas of mass gathering, mass transit or other venues. Due to the content and information presented in this seminar, Rozin Security reserves the right to refuse seminar participation from individuals who do not have the necessary security clearance and/or background.

Course Training Modules

• Aggressors’ Methods Of Operation
• Suspicion Indicators Recognition
• Introduction To Security Interviewing
• Non Verbal Communication
• Behavior Analysis In Security Interviewing
• The Cover Story
• Security Interviewing LevelsI-II
• Field Threat Assessment
• Threat Mitigation Principles
• Suicide Bomber Disarming: Tactical Consideration

Course Location

Rochester Police Department – 101 4th St SE, Rochester, MN 55904