December 5-9, 2022

Instructor Certification Course

This advanced train-the-trainer course is designed to ensure thorough understanding of the SIRA® (Suspicion Indicators Recognition & Assessment) system, and ensure instructors proficiency.

Key Benefits

• Enhance threat awareness.
• Participate in advanced field exercise as an aggressor.
• Practice detecting threat indicators in a realistic and dynamic environment.
• Learn how to conduct field threat assessments.
• Master conducting effective field security interviews.
• Practice applying proper threat mitigation protocols.

Who Should Attend

This Training Course is invitation only. Successful completion of Practitioners Course and Active Status of Agency Instructor is required.

Course Training Modules

• Aggressors’ Methods of Operation
• Suspicious Indicators Recognition
• Introduction to Security Interviewing
• Body Language Identification
• Behavior Analysis in Security Interviewing
• The Cover Story
• Security Interviewing Levels I-II
• Suicide Bomber Disarming: Tactical Considerations & Defensive Tactics
• Immediate Threat Response: Defensive Tactics for Security Interviewing
• Threat Mitigation Principles
• Transfer of Knowledge
• Field Training and Exercise Development
• Red Teaming

Course Location

St. Petersburg, FL