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Mass transit continues to be a highly attractive target to perpetrators of terrorist attacks and other mass violence. Aggressors’ easy-to-imitate tactics, increased targeting of large crowds, and the ability to conceal weapons require a multi-layer security posture. Therefor it is imperative for mass transit to have effective, prevention-oriented security measures.

Rozin Security Approach

In this instance, Rozin Security utilized it’s Suspicion Indicators Recognition and Assessment (SIRA®), which is a proactive man-made threat detection, assessment, and interception security system founded on proven methods of field behavior threat detection and security interviewing.Rozin Security provided training to law enforcement, security personnel, and non-security personnel to increase their abilities to detect potential threat elements and stop them before they carry out violent acts. The following U.S. transit agencies and airports have received SIRA training:

  • Metro Transit.
  • Metra.
  • Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority.
  • Minneapolis Airport.
  • Savannah Airport.

Specifically, Rozin Security has provided the 5-Day SIRA Certification Course, 24-Hour SIRA Certification Course, 4-Hour SIRA Awareness Course, and specialized tactical SIRA Counter PBIED Course. These effective and proactive courses teach security and law enforcement professionals how to identify high-risk individuals – such as terrorists, active shooters, or violent criminals – before an incident occurs, thus enhancing security and law enforcement agencies’ abilities to prevent violent


Rozin Security has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the quality and results of the SIRA courses. The following are some of the specific results:

  • A trained transit law enforcement officer identified and intercepted a potential perpetrator of a violent act.
  • Increases in reporting of tangible suspicious activity.
  • Higher awareness and proficiency in handling suspicious activity.


“The SIRA course was very applicable to my job and the instructor had very strong subject matter knowledge.”

– Officer, Metro Transit Police Department

“SIRA  training will save lives. It is a must for every law enforcement agency in this country.”

– Officer, Metro Police Department

Suspicion Indicators Recognition and Assessment

SIRA® is a proven, proactive threat detection, assessment, and interception security system developed by Rozin Security. The SIRA system is grounded in behavior-based threat detection and interviewing methods that have been validated by extensive field experience and testing in elite government security agencies.

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