Rozin Security offers proactive security solutions leveraging a unique, advanced approach for designing integrated systems that balance human factors, physical protection systems, and state-of-the-art technology.

Intelligence Analysts

Rozin Security analysts execute proactive intelligence gathering to identify threats enabling decision makers to take preventative action and reduce risk to the organization. Using the latest intelligence collection techniques, analysts come with training and experience from various Homeland Security, military, and elite intelligence agencies.

Rozin Security analysts are responsible for supporting all divisions of the company by developing threat assessment reports, delivering threat intelligence briefings, conducting security risk assessments, managing complex investigations, supporting Red Team assessments, performing OpenSource Intelligence (OSINT) analysis, writing technical reports, and managing client relations. Our analysts come with training and experience from various Homeland Security, military, and elite intelligence agencies.


TIPS® (Threat Information Protection System) is Rozin Security’s proprietary software system that provides organizations with intelligent tools and capabilities to proactively detect and prevent evolving threats.

Inconspicuous red flags typically proceed most attacks. For example, many unrelated and nonsignificant events could be part of a bigger picture tied to an evolving threat. TIPS enables users to report detected red flags and other information into a collaborative and smart database through mobile application and desktop software.

TIPS connects these red flags in real-time to identify potential trends, and then disperses the information to the right people at the right time. As a result, security operations are able to jump on an evolving threat before an incident occurs.

Features and functionalities

  • Pre-set parameters and case types to support a detailed reporting process
  • Import and/or access case-related images, videos, voice, and other files
  • Real-time automated analysis and trend alerts
  • Integration with client’s SIRA protocol and security zoning
  • Real-time push notifications on case-related updates to specific users
  • Comprehensive case searches and analysis capabilities
  • Advanced user-based customizable real-time dashboard for incident management, accessible through mobile and desktop software
  • Export multiple cases in searchable formats to allow detailed analyses
  • Generate pre-set customized reports in any desired format
  • Seamless integration with email communication
  • Usage-based service and subscription levels

Mobile capabilities

  • Geolocation to identify, mark, and report precise incident locations
  • Geofence to identify location-based threat patterns
  • Quick uploading to share visual, audio, and location information
  • Independent built-in instant messaging to update users on case-related information


TIPS-Air integrates the core TIPS capabilities with an autonomous Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS), or drones, to enhance perimeter protection of any secured facility. The unique system utilizes drone detection capabilities to discern suspicious activities and abnormalities along a facility’s perimeter or any specified area. These events are captured on a robust database that conducts real-time analysis to determine threats and threat patterns based on pre-defined criteria. It then generates an immediate alert on possible connections between current and previously reported events.

Immediate benefits include:

  • Proactively identifies early and real-time indicators for potential evolving threats
  • Improves real-time situational awareness and decision-making based on automated analysis and alerts
  • Communicates and shares actionable threat information
  • Reduces dependency on human factors resulting in more affordable and effective security operations


TIPS-Ed addresses the unique needs of the educational institution’s operational environment. The system features special elements such as industry-specific case types, multiple campus deployment applications, special reporting features for non-security personnel and other contributors, and more.

All these features enhance the institution’s ability to identify potential threat actors and take proactive mitigation measures.

Here are some of the immediate benefits for the institution:

  • Centralizes single reporting and analysis platforms for case types that include suspicious activities, parking violations, medical incidents, disorderly conduct, safety and maintenance, trespassing, missing persons, training, and other relevant cases
  • Analyzes and connects tip-line information reported by students, staff, or parents, and turns it into an actionable preventive intelligence
  • Collects, connects, communicates, and shares information across multiple departments, facilities, and campuses
  • Integrates with student services and other departmental functions for seamless and effective use of information


We provide proactive security solutions by leveraging a unique, advanced approach for designing integrated security solutions that balance human factors, physical protection systems, and state-of-the-art technology.


Proactive security solutions leveraging a unique, advanced approach for designing integrated security solutions that balance human factors, physical protection systems, and state-of-the-art technology.

Suspicion Indicators Recognition and Assessment

SIRA® is a proven, proactive threat detection, assessment, and interception security system developed by Rozin Security. The SIRA system is grounded in behavior-based threat detection and interviewing methods that have been validated by extensive field experience and testing in elite government security agencies.

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Security Consulting

Rozin Security offers security consulting services to help you design a comprehensive and proactive security plan to meet the needs of your organization today, and over time.

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