Low Income Housing

Security Risk Assessment

Client’s Situation, Threats, and Challenges

In Spring, 2021, a large affordable housing property in Minnesota contacted Rozin Security eager to mitigate the high level of violent and nonviolent crime frequently occurring within the property. The biggest problem the property faced was preventing troublesome non-tenants from partaking in illicit and violent activities on site, including drug transactions, vandalism, and gunfire.

Rozin Security Approach

Rozin Security’s approach to mitigating this threat was two-fold:

  • Deployment of our TIER I Security Operators.
  • Installation of a vehicle checkpoint at the site’s main entrance.
  • Encouragement of positive community engagement.
  • Adherence and enforcement of the property’s rules of conduct.

These solutions, albeit temporary, greatly reduced the site’s criminal activity over the summer months. The tenants enjoyed a safer environment and became accustomed to and comfortable with Rozin Security’s team presence, realizing they were able to eliminate the presence of gangs, drug dealers, and other nefarious actors on the property. The client lauded Rozin Security’s ability to implement such effective measures in a very short amount of time.

In Fall, 2021, the property’s owner decided it was time for Rozin Security to conduct a full Security Risk Assessment (SRA) and provide recommendations that would be a mainstay at the site. With Rozin’s SRA as the basis, the city, police department, fire department and property owners agreed on a course of action, implementing many of Rozin Security’s recommendations. The items agreed upon were:

  • Improved perimeter fencing, both in height, material, and deterrence measures.
  • Permanent security checkpoints to include:
    • Automated vehicle gates and barrier arms.
    • Pedestrian gate to allow tenants access onto the property.
    • Guard booth with controls to operate the above-mentioned gates.
    • Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera.
    • Speed bumps and spike strips.
  • Improved vehicle gate for first responders’ access.


This installation project will include nearly a dozen vendors, a civil engineer, and assistance from the local fire department.

The combination of Rozin Security’s threat management and security consulting services has dramatically improved the safety and security of hundreds of families and has placed the property management in a superb position.

Security Consulting

Rozin Security offers security consulting services to help you design a comprehensive and proactive security plan to meet the needs of your organization today, and over time.

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