Municipal Government

Security Risk Assessment

Client’s Situation, Threats, and Challenges

Municipalities across the U.S. continue to be a highly attractive target to perpetrators of terrorist attacks and other mass violence. This particular municipality included the City Hall building, buildings essential to Public Works, Parks, and Public Safety, and critical utility infrastructures.

As is often the case with multi-facility organizations, the municipality faced two main challenges. The first challenge involved addressing existing security vulnerabilities associated with each site. The second challenge required the municipality to prioritize security monitoring across all of the facilities.

Rozin Security Approach

Rozin Security’s typical protocol involves an in-depth security risk assessment followed by efficient, proven, and cost-effective solutions. In this case, Rozin Security assessed the City Hall building, Public Works, Parks, and Public Safety buildings, and additional critical utility infrastructures.

In the first phase of the project, Rozin Security consultants performed onsite assessments at each of the following sites:

  • City Hall.
  • Parks Department Headquarters.
  • Public Works Headquarters.
  • Police and Fire Stations.
  • Water Treatment Plant.
  • Municipal parks, community centers, and sports complexes.
  • Communications and utilities infrastructure locations.

In addressing the client’s vulnerabilities, Rozin Security traditionally divides the corrective measures into three broad categories:

  1. Physical security features (exp. fencing and window safety features).
  2. Technological security features (exp. access control mechanisms and closed-circuit television cameras)
  3. Human asset security features (exp. increased security personnel presence and better-defined protocols).

In this case, consultants took the following approach at each site while conducting the assessment:

  • Understand the regular and periodic operational processes of the site.
  • Identify and prioritize the assets essential to the operations and reputation of the site.
  • Develop the site’s threat profile to include relevant threat actors and likely modus operandi.
  • Interview onsite personnel and walk through the site to identify security deficiencies that would leave assets vulnerable to potential threats. This included a nighttime assessment in which consultants attempted to gain access to the site and its assets.
  • Analyze the vulnerability of essential assets to likely threats.


Once the site’s total risk was established, consultants provided recommendations for physical, technological, staffing, policy, and procedural corrective measures that would improve the site’s security preparedness in the face of relevant threats. Recommended corrective measures were prioritized based on their abilities to deter, prevent, detect, and respond to relevant threats. In this way, consultants were able to highlight those corrective measures that would provide the greatest return on investment for the individual site.

After assessing all municipal sites individually, consultants assisted the municipal government in creating a security master plan. Results of individual site assessments were aggregated to establish trends in overall security preparedness requirements. Additionally, security-systems monitoring protocols were established at the municipal level to provide coverage of sites based on their relative criticality to municipal operations and reputation. This would allow for a more effective allocation of security resources.

Through this project, Rozin Security consultants demonstrated the ability to address themulti-facility organization’s security needs at both the micro and macro levels. At the micro level, consultants identified and prioritized individual assets as they related to the operations of a specific site or facility. At the macro level, individual sites and facilities were treated as assets and prioritized within the overall municipal system. In addition to identifying which security improvements were needed across the board, the municipality was able to allocate security resources based on which sites and facilities had the greatest operational and reputational value. Aside from being very beneficial to local, state, and national government entities, this methodology may be effectively applied to multi-facility organizations in other critical infrastructure sectors including commerce, transportation, healthcare, and industry.

Security Consulting

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