Residential Security Consulting and Implementation

Security Risk Assessment

Client’s Situation, Threats, and Challenges

A high net-worth individual contacted Rozin Security Consulting (RSC) looking for a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) to be conducted of their residence. Though the client was not facing any imminent threats, they decided that the COVID-19 lockdown and the change in threat landscape was the perfect time to secure their home.

Per Rozin Security’s SRA, the most unique aspect of this property was the woods behind the house. Triangularly oriented with a severe slope grading away from the home, the client was most concerned about malicious actors walking through the wooden terrain undetected and successfully accessing the house. In addition, the house’s intrusion detection system had lain dormant for an extended period after the installation of new windows. The wires were still present within the frames, but they were never connected to the system.

Rozin Security Approach

The client was presented with a myriad of mitigations:

  • A mechanical ornamental swinging gate to control vehicle traffic.
  • Impact protection films to install on all ground-level windows.
  • Saferoom construction that will turn the master bedroom into a shelter in case an armed aggressor gained access to the home.
  • Awareness training for suspicious mail.
  • Electromechanical keys, ensuring better accountability of those entering the home.
  • Other minor mitigations.

The client opted to invest in and install RSC’s Tier 1 recommended priorities:

  • Unified Security System. This recommendation was identified of utmost importance. The system allows accessing all security systems, including intrusion detection, panic notification, and life-safety systems, via one mobile application. It was determined this was a mandatory implementation.
  • Smart Video Surveillance System. Install advanced cameras to cover the entire perimeter of the home, as well as the deeply wooded areas to the west, north, and east. The cameras are programed to establish a baseline of normal and typical activities and alert the client and the RSC team of potential abnormalities.
  • Intrusion Detection System. Install motion and glass break sensors throughout the house. Third-party monitoring of these sensors will rapidly alert local law enforcement of unauthorized entrance into the home.

Subsequently, RSC worked with its vetted and most reputable vendors to procure and install the needed solutions. These vendors were given in-depth tours of the home and provided RSC with their itemized bids to best secure the residence.


After contractual obligations and item procurement, the installation began. Over the next couple of weeks, the following occurred:

  • Six cameras were installed on the house. Two of these cameras pointed toward the sloping woods and incorporate thermal capabilities. These cameras provide the client with detection of any being moving toward their property. The other four cameras were standard eight-megapixel cameras with advanced analytics providing the client with a myriad of observational capabilities.
  • Motion and glass-break sensors were installed throughout the home, as well as carbon monoxide, flood, and smoke detectors. These systems were unified via Resideo’s Total Connect 2.0 platform.
  • Initial training was conducted by the vendor to the client on the video management system.
  • The doorbell was integrated with a camera and is controlled via a mobile device.

RSC has successfully upgraded the security posture of its client’s residence by making the solutions both highly effective and convenient.

Security Consulting

Rozin Security offers security consulting services to help you design a comprehensive and proactive security plan to meet the needs of your organization today, and over time.

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