Workplace Violence Prevention

Manufacturing Industry Threat Management

Client’s Situation, Threats, and Challenges

Active threat cases are spontaneous, forcing Rozin Security to immediately jump into action and support their clients’ needs by managing the active threat and reducing potential risk to the client’s assets, operations, and reputation.

The threat received by one of Rozin Security’s Midwest clients was full of tumultuous “he-said/she-said” statements with high potential for a workplace violence incident. The situation required Rozin Security to adapt and improvise their strategies to ensure the person of interest (POI) would not harm their colleagues.

Several employees of a manufacturing plant informed their supervisor that one of their peers had made repeated comments about bringing a firearm to work in their lunchbox, and potentially using it to harm others.

Rozin Security Approach

Rozin Security was provided statements by three other employees that did not provide substantiative proof that this employee was dangerous. The most alarming information disclosed to Rozin Security was that a recent workstation change allowed the POI to divulge malicious intent towards a colleague. Not only was the POI angry at a coworker, but they promised to take action and “go off” on a hit list if their gravely ill spouse were to die.

The following were the initial challenges faced by Rozin Security:

  1. How can the threat to Rozin Security’s client operations, personnel, and other critical assets be mitigated?
  2. Does the POI have the intent and operational capability to inflict harm on their colleagues?
  3. What caused the strenuous situation between the POI and their coworker?
  4. Who is on the POI’s hit list if it exists?

After Rozin Security was provided the names of all individuals involved, Rozin Security analysts began researching each person to determine their threat level. An individual in deeper financial trouble with a long criminal past may be more likely to inflict harm on others.

While the analysts were accruing birthdates, addresses, vehicles, and social media information, Rozin Security was briefing three highly skilled operators with background in special operations and intelligence that would travel to surveil the POI and assess the vulnerabilities at the client’s site. By the time the operatives arrived, Rozin Security’s Security Operations Center (SOC) was prepared to respond to any operational request.

Over the next two weeks, the following took place:

  1. 24-hour-a-day surveillance of the POI, both of their trailer and whilst in transit.
  2. Rozin Security scheduled to have an operator, under a clever pretext, meet with the POI and their spouse in a coffee shop. The hope was that the POI would let their guard down and provide Rozin Security with useful information. During the conversation, the POI stated that they have never discussed firearms at work, brought one to work, nor have they ever owned a firearm. They discussed their relationships at work and divulged that the coworker causing them the most problems is jealous. The POI is a newer employee and has received benefits their coworker has not. They also said that this individual is known for bullying others.


After Rozin Security received enough analyst-provided information on all individuals and how their stories intertwined, the client could use this data to take the appropriate next steps. It was determined that the client, with Rozin Security’s help, would interview all involved.

The following gaps were gathered after meeting with all relevant parties:

  1. One interviewee’s initial witness statement contradicted their interview answer regarding the existence of the incident at large.
  2. One interviewee’s statement regarding the POI’s threats did not align with another interviewee’s statement.
  3. One interviewee stated that POI would easily be “set off” by something simple. They contradicted this statement later in the same interview by stating that they had never seen the POI act out angrily.
  4. Multiple interviewees neglected to inform the client that the POI bragged about the presence of a handgun at the workplace prior to this situation.
  5. The POI admitted lying to the HR department. It was determined that the POI did not have a single firearm in their possession.
  6. The POI lied to Rozin Security and the client about the death of their daughter. This lie may have been told so the POI could receive increased sentiment from colleagues.

The lying, hearsay, and fallacies collected in the interview resulted in Rozin Security recommending to the client that all parties involved should have their employment terminated. In all, four individuals lost their jobs. During these high-risk terminations, Rozin Security provided the client with additional resources to ensure that innocent employees would not be harmed if the terminated were to react angrily.

In the end, the client received multiple operational, HR, technological, and physical recommendations, as well as ongoing support from the Rozin Security team to ensure that incidents like this would not happen again.

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